Data Driven Leaders Studio

Crafting tomorrow's
data, analytics, and AI strategy

January 24 + 25, Santa Barbara, California

With follow-on, collaborative consultations

Working with your peers

In a collaborative setting
formulate, compose, and forge
your data planning process

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In two days:

  • ⇨ Identify bold, attainable goals for your organization
  • ⇨ Create a roadmap for achieving those goals
  • ⇨ Walk away ready to change your organization’s direction


Over the following three months:

  • ⇨ Meet with your cohort of peers to review your plan-in-process
  • ⇨ Get industry best-practice advice 
  • ⇨ Deliver a comprehensive strategy, ready for execution



Budgets, human resources, and tech debt are constraints. A solid strategy starts with clear goals and produces a game plan to ensure success.


This limited access, exclusive event brings together peers and top business analytics/AI authorities to help you reset priorities, outline a framework for change, and reestablish analytics as a driving force in your enterprise.


This working meeting is light on lectures and heavy on practical/tactical planning methods. No vendors, no sponsors, no sales pitches.



This is a group effort. We begin with a networking lunch to meet people in your shoes who will help you gain clarity and produce results.


Opening presentations depict tomorrow’s data landscape with objective examples and astute conclusions.


Then we get down to work.


Your pre-work [link to questionnaire] sets you up for success working in groups to collaboratively chart your planning process.


Dinner will focus on conversation, brainstorming, and networking.


Participation is limited, vetted, and strictly confidential under Chatham House Rule

  • Executive level
  • No competitors
  • No vendors
  • First come, first served



⇨  It’s all about the conversation.


Included guides, workbooks, and templates:

  • Data Terminology
  • How to Launch a Data Catalog
  • Data Catalog Checklist
  • Data Catalog Sophistication Chart
  • Data Mesh Score
  • 5 Steps to Building a Data Fabric
  • How to Calculate the Cost of Data Downtime
  • AI Project Prioritization
  • RACI Reminder
  • Creating and Managing an Analytics Center of Excellence
  • Creating and Managing an Innovation Lab
  • And so much more


Data Driven Leaders Cohort


Follow-on collaborative, mutual mentorship


Meet with your colleagues for reciprocal plan evaluation and augmentation under the tutelage of Your Data Strategy Leaders.

Virtual, three-hour meetings will be held under Chatham House Rule in March, April, and May where your strategy gets the significant scrutiny it deserves, ensuring your best chances for a solid success.

Each Cohort member will present their plan-in-process in strict confidence. Opinions, suggestions, and constructive criticism are offered by Tom Davenport, Jim Sterne, and a tight-knit cadre of no other senior executives, people in your same shoes.

While every organization has its own culture, budget, and methods, every organization can benefit from the wisdom of others. This is your personal, confidential brain trust, gathered to speed your planning and significantly improve your progress.

You will be directly helping other non-competitive organizations build their data, analytics, and AI strategies, radically fortifying your professional network.

The Details

  • What

    Your Data Driven Leaders Studio experience is a practical approach to strategic planning that includes tactical guides, workbooks, and templates to help you nail down your blueprint.

  • Who

    Data Driven Leaders Studio is for

    Chief Analytics Officers
    Chief Data Officers
    Chief Information Officers
    Chief Technology Officers
    Chief Data Scientists
    Vice Presidents of Analytics
    Vice Presidents of Data
    Vice Presidents of Data Science
    Directors of Data Strategy
    People responsible for crafting tomorrow’s data, analytics, and AI strategy today

    Data Driven Leaders Studio is open to people who are ready to articulate their analytics vision, spell out their data strategy, and render their strategic road map. Senior executives and data strategists only.

  • When

    Tuesday, January 24,  12:00 noon
    Wednesday, January 25, 3:00 pm

    Data Driven Leaders Cohorts meet virtually, once a month in March, April, and May.

  • Where

    Cabrillo Pavilion, Santa Barbara, CA

    Nearby hotels:

    Mar Monte Hyatt (directly across the street)
    Santa Barbara Inn (5 min walk)
    And seven more within 10 minutes walk

    Data Driven Leaders Cohorts meet online.

  • Why

    Because your data and analytics strategy needs refreshing
    Because your peers are the best source of insight
    Because Tom Davenport and Jim Sterne are uniquely qualified to assist

  • How

    Apply now to

    Amplify data usefulness
    Drive data-based decision making
    Promote advanced analytics

    Now is the time to map out a solid plan for your future in analytics and AI.

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